Engagement Ring Designers

One of my favorite things about ESQUELETO is our focus on our designers- the very talented people behind the very beautiful objects we sell. It’s so cool to get to know the artist making an important, forever-treasured item like an engagement ring. Bringing that personal element into the mix gives your ring a real meaning beyond just shimmering gold and glittering diamonds. Below are profiled five of our leading engagement ring designers:

  • Rebecca Overmann, Engagement Ring Designer at ESQUELETO LA at ESQUELETO Oakland
    Rebecca Overmann Rebecca brings a timeless sophistication to all of her designs. Inspired by natural forms but never overtly so, her subtle abstractions add a soft quality to her rings which is enhanced by her use of a matte finish. This one features a beautiful 1.1ct natural gray diamond set in a classic pave diamond halo.

  • Polly Wales, Engagement Ring Designer at ESQUELETO LA at ESQUELETO OaklandPolly Wales Polly’s artistic process is unique. Instead of casting and finishing a ring, and then setting the stones as a final step, she casts her stones directly into the mold with the gold. If it sounds complicated, it is, and it creates gorgeous, one of a kind pieces that are distinctly “Polly Wales.” This stunning Garbo ring takes 7 old miner’s cut diamonds and places them upside down in 18k yellow gold.

  • Lauren Wolf, Engagement Ring Designer at ESQUELETO LA at ESQUELETO OaklandLauren Wolf Lauren’s designs are bold and edgy, but ultimately supremely wearable. Favoring rose cut stones, which sit close to the finger, Lauren’s rings can be worn all the time without discomfort. Her three-stone ring has become a modern classic. Modeled after an antique design, the symbolic design is updated with bold prongs and unique naturally colored and included diamonds.

  • Satomi Kawakita, Engagement Ring Designer at ESQUELETO LA at ESQUELETO OaklandSatomi Kawakita Satomi is our most popular engagement ring designer, and with good reason. Her simple and classic forms are beautifully executed with the utmost attention to proportion and materials. Adhering to timeless Japanese design principals, Satomi approaches each design with subtlety and grace. This half-carat brilliant cut brown diamond rests in a perfect circular platinum setting with a matte finish and texture around the stone to catch reflected light.

  • Johnny Ninos, Engagement Ring Designer at ESQUELETO LA at ESQUELETO Oakland
    Johnny Ninos Johnny’s work explores the connectivity seen in the tidal ecosystems near his studio in coastal California. Each piece is a one of a kind reflection on the natural forms found in the sea. This gorgeous ring scatters five white diamonds around the 18k rose gold setting as if they were adrift on the waves.

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