On this Earth Day we are reminded to check in with the policies and procedures we utilize as a business and ask: “How can we do better?” True sustainability requires our consistent commitment to better ourselves, empower each other, provide value for our clientele, and protect the Earth in the process.

ESQUELETO translates to skeleton, which symbolizes a framework providing support for life. Our business functions as both a platform for a growing community of independent artists, and a destination for mindful shoppers looking for pieces reflective of their own originality. Our shop is curated with integrity of design and longevity in mind. We hope that by moving away from a fast-fashion culture towards heirloom-quality objects we can help contribute to a larger ethos of sustainability. Mantra: buy less things, but better things.

In an effort to avoid greenwashing, we want to be straight up with our customers–we are a small business, which means all of our decisions must be weighed carefully in order to minimize our footprint, maximize our impact, and maintain profitability. Fortunately, the high value of precious metals and stones creates a natural incentive to repurpose and recycle materials. We enjoy working with heirloom stones and recycled metals when creating custom pieces, which gives new life to old jewelry and saves the Earth from being mined for raw, new materials.

Investing in fine jewelry can be overwhelming, as the industry has roots in human rights atrocities and environmental degradation. Diamonds in particular have a long, complicated, and violent history - we acknowledge this, and we are committed to driving change within the industry by working with artists and suppliers who share our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Imperfect diamonds have been historically omitted from jewelry designs and would have ended up on the slag pile if not rescued, cast, and set in contemporary designs by modern, mindful jewelers. We are proud to offer a diverse selection of rustic diamonds and unique future heirlooms, and we encourage our customers to discover the inherent beauty of nature’s “perfect imperfections.”

We are always open to feedback and suggestions on ways to minimize our footprint and maximize our impact! Our hope on this Earth Day, and every day, is that our customers, suppliers, artists and friends can spark conversation, demand change, and work effectively towards a more sustainable future for all of us.
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