Desert Design

esq_desert_designAs anyone who's visited our brick and mortar can attest, the Esqueleto ladies love a good desert-themed space. Even if tepee glamping à la Solange or a resort stay at Canyon Point Amangiri isn't on your to-do list, bringing some of that wide-sky serenity into your home should be. Here's a starter guide.


The lazy girl in us loves these plants for their resilience in drought-like conditions (no green thumbs to be had). We're obsessed, and love the ambience they instantly give to simple, clean spaces. If you're not already naming your cacti and succulents like us, head down to your local nursery and start picking some up- small succulents are usually dirt cheap and grow beautifully in good sunlight.


Patrick Dunaway is the mastermind behind our logo, and we're proud to feature his work regularly at Esqueleto. Filled with intricate bone, rattlesnake, and feather motifs, Patrick's work is a testament to years spent in Death Valley as a child. We carry both his prints and original pen on paper illustrations, so regardless of your decorating budget, we've got you covered.


There’s something so pleasing about the look, feel, and even sound of handmade ceramics. Ceramics are intrinsic to Southwestern design, and add the sort of sparse, natural beauty we’re after in a desert-inspired space. We love Jessica Niello’s raw stoneware bowls with off-white interior glaze and MQuan’s Black Mirror Eye.
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