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Danica Stamenic, Wedding Inspiration ESQUELETO

Danica, aka The Modernist, has been the store manager at our Oakland shop for a year and half. She has that effortless, innate sense of style that every woman covets. So when she and her dreamy French fiancee got married last year, we wanted to know more about their wedding, and of course, their impeccable taste in jewelry. Lindsay: Danica, when you started working at Esqueleto, you and Robin had moved here from Canada, and were already engaged. Tell us how you picked the perfect matching band for your ring.   D: My engagement ring is pretty simple, so there were a bunch of bands that paired nicely with it. Ultimately I went with Sarah Swell's notched band because the simplicity and texture really sang to me. It comes to a knife edge, which matched the height of my ring perfectly, and the hand-carved notches in the ring give it the feel of something that could have come from an ancient civilization. And when Robin was choosing his band, he made a bee-line for Satomi's case and had his ring picked out within five minutes. He chose her carved men's band in 18k white gold, which suits him perfectly. Danica Stamenic, ESQUELETO Wedding Inspiration
L: Can you describe your wedding for us? D: Robin's from the South of France; I'm from the East Coast, so our wedding was going to be a 'destination' one way or the other. He has a huge family where mine is on the smaller side, so France was an easy sell. I mean come on, wedding in the South of France? It was a no brainer. We had a ceremony at the town cathedral and spent the rest of the evening celebrating back at a beautiful old house. It was very laid back. We ate family style and stayed outside enjoying the company until probably 11, then danced until 4am- I love France. Robin's mom gifted us olive branches and jasmine from her farm to decorate the tables, and the wine and champagne were both made by the family. The wedding for us was really about celebrating the whole family and bringing everyone together.

Danica Stamenic, ESQUELETO Wedding Inspiration L: You've collected a pretty awesome stack since then, what's going on there? D: It was actually Robin's idea! Since coming on board at Esqueleto, I've collected several rings that I really treasure. One day he asked me, "what would this ring look like next to your wedding band?" That released the floodgates. Now I can't stop. 
L: Anything you have your eye on to add in? D: I think this finger could definitely use another eternity band... maybe a nice, organic Satomi ring, or the new Adeline knife edge eternity? You know I love knife edge. L: I think we can probably work that out! D: And Robin has also acquired a nice little collection of Esqueleto goodies. He loves Nick Potash's hunky silver rings, and Nick was kind enough to make me one for his birthday last year. And when we were visiting LA for the shop opening, he definitely bought himself a megalodon tooth. L: Thanks, Danica!
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