Beyond the Band

beyond_the_band4 Ah, the classic wedding day ensemble: a blushing bride in a dress that requires the help of several attendants, a veil, some pearl earrings, and two (count em’, two) meaningful rings. Perusing bridal boards on Pinterest and reading even the more unique wedding blogs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many brides rocking more than a wedding band and their engagement ring on the big day. While we love the symbolism of these two rings and can get behind a minimal wedding look, if simple and subdued has never been your thing, why play it down on your wedding day? There is possibly no better moment to share your most beloved version of yourself with your partner and favorite people. And if your inner queen adorns her fingers with unique, delectable rings, why hold her back? Our recent photo shoot pays homage to this special kind of woman. Like artwork on bare walls, she lets her jewels do the talking against the backdrop of a simple, elegant dress (no Cinderella gowns here). She is regal and radiant, without appearing fussed-over. Mementos of a lovely day, her bridal rings can be worn to future special occasions or all the time. Either way, we love the idea of stacking it up and being at your most confident as you join hands with your one and only.


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