Possibly the most fun, and definitely the most personal wedding rings Esqueleto has ever sold would have to be the set of bands for Alexis and Jackson. Alexis is the store manager for Esqueleto LA, but before she and her husband moved she ran our flagship Oakland store. She chatted with Lindsay about the process of choosing her rings. Lindsay: Tell us how you came to get an engagement ring from Esqueleto. Alexis: Ha! Well, Jackson and I had been talking about getting engaged for a bit, but he hadn’t pulled the trigger. Of course, with me being a super Lauren Wolf fan, he had planned on going to ESQUELETO to pick out a ring before I even started working there. We briefly discussed going for a vintage ring off Etsy but in the end that would have been so silly given that I work for such a great jewelry store. L: Yes, I remember we were all looking at vintage rings online before you decided to go with a Lauren Wolf design. A: Yep. I told Lauren what my general tastes were, and she said she’d come up with something I’d like but wouldn’t tell me exactly what. Jackson had to coordinate with her on days I wasn’t working… there was a lot of secrecy involved. When the ring was done, Jackson went out to Lauren’s house to pick it up because I was always working in the store. Lindsay, you even flat out lied to me to avoid suspicion! Of course, it was perfect, and exactly what I wanted. L: This was well before Lauren’s three diamond ring design became so popular. I think yours was the first spinoff on that style. I also remember lying to you – that was fun! A: You were a good little liar! You guys told me you couldn’t find a black rose cut diamond (ha!) and it would have to be something else. TESTIMONIAL3 L: And then we all got to go to your super fun wedding in Palm Springs! How’d you decide on the location? A: We had vacationed at the Ace in Palm Springs before and knew that was where we wanted to get married. We just love the vibe, the design of the hotel, the bar, the food… it was all very “us.” L: Agreed, it was a blast! I also remember something funny happening during the ceremony. A: Oh yeah! We wanted to keep the ceremony short and sweet (it’s hot out there in the desert). It was so hot, actually, that Jackson’s hands were swollen and I couldn’t fit the ring on his finger. He eventually had to shove it on himself. L: It was pretty adorable. So how did you and Jackson pick your bands? A: I looked at A LOT of bands. We had a year and a half long engagement, which is a long time to try on every single ring in the shop. Eventually I went with Lauren’s rose gold diamond eternity band – it was just he perfect complement to my engagement ring. As for Jackson, he would barely try anything on. When we started carrying Shawn Roberts’ rings, and I told him about Damascus steel, that was the only thing he would look at. He loves his Shawn ring. L: Thanks, Alexis! Congratulations, again!
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