Age of Aquarius

IMG_8711 Artistic, intuitive and creative, those born under the Aquarius sign are known for their curious and affectionate personalities. Take inspo from this water sign with these unique designs featuring deep oceanic blues and soft aqua greens.
aquarius-signet Aquarius Signet by Talon A must for any Aquarian, Talon’s silver signet ring is emblazoned with an enchanting bathing maiden.
rainbow-moonstone-studs Rainbow Moonstone Studs by Lauren Wolf These silver and moonstone studs by Lauren Wolf Jewelry are like bottomless, shimmering pools for your lobes.
five-stone-diamond-ring- Five Stone Diamond Ring by Ruth Tomlinson Ruth Tomlinson is known for her artistically imaginative designs, and this champagne diamond ring features her signature golden granules, inspired by marine life.
gold-and-sapphire-chain-stud-earrings Gold & Sapphire Chain Stud Earrings by Melissa Joy Manning These dreamy raw sapphires are set in a modern bezel-wrap setting, then given extra oomph from a delicate chain.
mixed-metal-key-necklace Mixed Metal Key Necklace by Luana Coonen The key is considered a lucky talisman for Aquarians, an emblem representing their naturally curious minds.
green-diamond-eternity-band Green Diamond Eternity Band by Lauren Wolf These deep aqua diamonds are flush set in 18k gold in this organic eternity band by Lauren Wolf.
opal-studs- Opal Studs By WWAKE Beautiful blue opal studs from WWake, in a clean and modern 14k gold setting.
turquoise-and-aquamarine-double-ring Turquoise and Aquamarine Double Ring by Melissa Joy Manning Aquamarine is a stone associated with the Aquarius sign, and this utterly unique ring from Melissa Joy Manning perfectly embodies the Aquarian spirit.
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