Rachel ThomanderRachel ThomanderRachel Thomander

For the months of June and July we are thrilled to present the work of Rachel Thomander, right here on our website in a virtual gallery experience!

Inspired by the bright colors and shapes of the children’s books she reads to her young son, Rachel has created a series of woolen wall hangings, using a traditional punch hook rug making technique, that explore the intersection of decoration, functionality, and non-functionality. 

“One of the purposes of these rugs/wall hangings is to call attention to the utilitarian objects in the home. Where do my spoons come from? Who made my clock? What country was my jacket made in? Which traditions or histories are these objects tied to? I make functional and nonfunctional works that are in conversation with each other. They are partly in charge of their own creation, forming a world of their own.” – Rachel Thomander 

Rachel Thomander is a Colombian American artist, educator, and curator. She lives and works in Santa Cruz, California with her husband and son. Her work addresses latinx identity, early childhood education and exchanges between craft, design and art. She holds an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. She has exhibited work at Tropical Contemporary, CTRL+SHFT, Nous Tous Gallery, Guerrero Gallery, Richmond Art Center, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. 

We will be donating 15% of all sales this month to the Center For Black Equity and the ACLU. Rachel will be donating an additional 10% of all sales on her pieces to these two organizations as well.