This Saturday is Small Business Saturday! As a small business ourselves, we urge you to consider all the good that you can do by shopping small and local. Small businesses create a sense of community: you’re more likely to chat it up with a small-biz owner and they may remember your name and/or your preferences. Small businesses get involved in their localities by supporting local initiatives, donating to schools/sports teams/non-profits, and partnering with other small businesses for events that benefit and enliven the community.

A major factor to consider is that when you buy from small businesses, your tax dollars stay within the local community! On average, 48% of each purchase at a local independent business is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% when spent at a big-box store. Small businesses also forge careers for professionals in your neighborhood - thereby enriching your area.

Our impact: ESQUELETO sustains 4 brick and mortar shops that employ 25 female employees. We support the work of 120+ independent designers online and in stores and roughly 50% of them are female. We work with approximately 40 jewelry industry professionals to source, create, repair, and customize our jewelry. We also employ creative industry professionals for projects like lookbooks and exhibit the work of independent visual artists in our stores.

In our jewelry production we source conflict-free diamonds, use recycled metals when possible, and incorporate heirloom stones for custom projects. For more details about our production process, head over to our ETHOS section.

This (and every) holiday season is an opportunity to use your dollars to direct market trends. If you want to see more sustainability, support businesses that are making it happen. Cultivate community and make a huge impact by shopping small!

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