Symbolism in MQuan

MQuan is the brainchild of prolific New York based jeweler and ceramicist Michele Quan. While some designers appear to be driven by an homage to design principles, creating comfort, or setting trends, Michele seems inspired by a need to express her reverence for the world. When you experience a MQuan piece, whether it be by adorning her jewelry or positioning her ceramics in your space, you can feel and see the thought she pours into the work. The dagger, constellation, evil eye, and moon symbols that show up in our collection communicate her expressed awe of Eastern iconography. See below for some beautiful examples:

  • MQuan Studs
    Gold & Turquoise Radiant Eye Studs "These Eyes are about looking deeply even if it is not convenient. Made of converging lines radiating inward and out, representing our self and our collective universal self." -Michele Quan

  • MQuan Bell
    White Clay Round Bell "Bells are an homage to the Present through sound. In Tibetan Buddhism the bell represents the principle of the ‘perfection of wisdom’, which directly realizes emptiness." - Michele Quan

  • MQuan Dish

    White Constellation Dish "God, the sun the Moon and the stars, everything in motion." - Michele quotes Patti Smith

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