OaklandStyle WEARING: Vintage dress from the general store and Sven clogs.
As an Esqueleto alum and longtime neighbor in Temescal Alley, we’ve long admired Keely’s dry humor, warm heart, and spot-on style. She keeps her color palette monochrome in black and white, with a generous smattering of yellow gold, diamonds and super cool tattoos from head to toe. We met up over iced tea (Keely skips the caffeine) so I could scope her enviable look. KellyBlogPost2
Danica: You've made jewelry, worked for jewelers (Love Adorned, ESQUELETO, and Marisa Mason), and are an avid collector. What sparked your interest in jewelry?
Keely: (Laughs) Well, at first I just really needed a job [when I started at Love Adorned in NY]. But I fell in love with it pretty quickly from there.
D: What do you love most about living in Oakland?
K: The food, mostly. And all the nearby nature is cool, too. KellyBlog4
D: Can you tell me a little more about what you do? You recently graduated from cosmetology school and started barbering at Temescal Alley Barbershop, which is the family business (your father’s shop). That’s definitely a shift from the female-dominated world of fine jewelry! How’s it going?
K: In barbering you can really turn someone's day around. And talking to people all day s the best. You learn so much, such as but not limited to: what are the best cult documentaries, the history of knife making…
D: What are your wardrobe staples?
K: My Black Acne Pistol boots, black Imogene and Willie Elisabeth jeans, white t shirt, and vintage jean chore coat from Reliquary. Thanks Keely! KellyBanner3
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