Staff Picks: The Metalsmith


Every ear needs an everyday earring. We have plenty of pretty gold basics - and some more adventurous options, too.

  • satomistuds
    Mixed Metal Starburst Studs I could put these in my ears and never, ever take them off. I love the simple geometry and the neutral-but-interesting mix of 18k gold and silver. The earring equivalent of a perfectly worn-in pair of designer jeans.

  • radianteyestudsGold & Turquoise Radiant Eye Studs MQuan uses age-old symbology in her work - moons, eyes, constellations. She describes her eye designs as "about looking deeply even if it is not convenient. Made of converging lines radiating inward and out [they represent] our self and our collective universal self." I'd like to think they'd make me extra-omniscient if I put them on everyday. And bonus, they look absolutely darling!

  • moonhoops
    Diamond Moon Hoops If subtle little studs aren't your style, behold your daily hoops. Simple enough to go with just about any outfit, but more than a little baller with heaps of sparkling gray diamonds.

  • vulcanastudsVulcana Studs I'n not gonna lie, I'm pretty obsessed with the detail and craftsmanship of Anthony Lent's jewelry. These Vulcana studs with twinkling diamond eyes remind me of the 1950s art film "The Seventh Seal". They're mysterious, ominous, beautiful. My dream studs for everyday wear.

  • adelinestickstudsGold Stick Studs When clients come into the shop looking for everyday studs, chances are very good that they leave with these sticks. The simple lines look great on their own or in second or third piercings. They should probably just give them out when you get your ears pierced - their versatility and style is hard to top!

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