TKahres3 This week we're featuring one of ESQUELETO's favorite friends in this blog: Teresa of T.Kahres Jewelry! Teresa has been tight with ESQUELETO founder Lauren Wolf since before ESQUELETO was even an idea. The two jewelers started out together in New York City sharing tools, skills, and ideas that would help build the foundation of both T.Kahres Jewelry and Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Here's a little more about Teresa's journey as a designer and business woman:
Kayla: Hi Teresa! When I met you in person, I immediately noticed your lovely personal style. I believe you were wearing an amazing pair of clogs and a velvet blazer. Can you tell us about your taste in fashion? What do you like to wear?
Teresa: My taste in fashion I would say is eclectic and somewhat vintage and I like to wear patterns and colors especially mixing them all together. I particularly love wearing my high waisted jeans and especially jumpsuits lately. My jumpsuits bode well as both fashionable and also convenient in Brooklyn winters for looking good outside and layering underneath! As for my clogs, I have a few pairs and I wear them because they are comfortable, cute, I can bike in them or walk my daughter around in her stroller. They are like wearing high heels without actually wearing stilettos but just as cute. Although I do occasionally rock stilettos. TKahresBanner
K: How did you decide that you wanted to be a jeweler? What was starting a jewelry line like?
T: I decided to become a jeweler because I love making things with my hands and I love jewelry. In college I started taking some jewelry classes and fell in love with the process. When I moved to the city I shared a studio with Lauren Wolf (owner of Esqueleto) and being around her and other like-minded ladies I was inspired to create my own jewelry line. Starting a jewelry line was very challenging and still has its challenges. It's a challenge to know what people will want to buy and not just what you want to make. I also find it to be challenging at times to be an artist plus be a business person at the same time. Not a combo I feel go hand and hand too often.
K: You have several different collections, most of which have natural motifs (ice, leaves, the sea, etc). How do you translate your inspiration into your jewelry designs?
T: Often times when walking around, and taking photos I see shapes and patterns that inspire me to translate it into a piece, or scenery like water, the beach, trees, clouds, ice that inspire me. then I visualize how it can be created into a piece of jewelry. Sometimes I cast a piece of an actual object whether it be a shell, rock, piece of something and start the creation process from there. Tkahres2
K: How has your jewelry evolved over time and what's your favorite piece in the collection right now?
T: My jewelry has become more refined and cohesive as a whole collection of nature inspired pieces. My favorite piece in the collection is 'the split love ring' because it is flashy, edgy, delicate yet bold! And it can be worn both for an engagement ring and just everyday bling.
K: Thank you, Teresa! I can't wait to see what you design next!

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