Scosha Jewelry at ESQUELETO
The designs of Scosha Woolridge have long been a favorite of us here at ESQUELETO, with their eclectic balance of vibrant colors, woven textiles, and precious metals and stones. Australian-born Scosha takes her inspiration from her love of world travel and translates that via traditional metalsmithing and weaving techniques. Naturally we were thrilled when she launched her Fine Jewelry line, taking the same playful attitude she applies to her classic designs and adding in 14k and 18k gold and fine gemstones. These gorgeous new pieces are the perfect heirlooms for an adventurous soul.

  • Scosha Jewelry at ESQUELETO
    Diadem Emerald Ring Scosha loves to include moving parts in her designs, exemplified here by this 14k gold chain mail ring set with 7 lustrous emeralds. The movement between the links creates a totally unique wearing experience.

  • Scosha Jewelry at ESQUELETO
    Edwardian Ruby Ring This sweet little gold ring has a marquise ruby set between two white diamonds, in an updated Edwardian eye motif, full of romantic symbolism.

  • Scosha Jewelry at ESQUELETO

    Wildfire Drops These feature stunning orange “wildfire” garnets juxtaposed with red ruby eye charms. Typical SCOSHA, these manage to be both elegant and playful at the same time.

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