Scintillating Sapphires

9.4.18_banner2_blog September babies have sapphire as their birthstone, a gem of wisdom and royalty. These blue beauties are credited as being the gemstone of creative expression, meditation, and inner peace. Sapphires are said to protect their wearers from fraud and treachery, and to ward off illness. According to legend, wearing a gemstone during its appointed birth month heightens its therapeutic and talismanic effects, whether it’s your own birth month or not! So fortunately, we can all benefit from the mystic charms of the sapphire this month (and of course they're not too shabby to look at either). Sapphires are the second most durable precious gem after diamonds, making them optimal for daily wear. Generally, we think of sapphires as being deep ocean blue, but actually they can occur in every color of the rainbow except red (red sapphires are considered rubies – both stones are varieties the same mineral, corundum). Read on to see our favorite picks for sapphire stunners in all their majesty!
      • sapphire-harmony-ring- SAPPHIRE HARMONY RING
        by Jennie Kwon This trio of sapphires is balanced by pavé diamond details on either side. A royal blue, dainty beauty, this sweet ring would look great in a stack or all on its own!

      • beloved-sapphire-solitaire BELOVED SAPPHIRE SOLITAIRE
        by ManiaMania ManiaMania’s “Beloved” ring showcases a sumptuous round rose cut blue sapphire, highlighted by a bevy of twinkling white diamonds, all set in icy 14k white gold.

      • narrow-crystal-ring- (1) NARROW CRYSTAL RING
        by Polly Wales This one of a kind eternity band features a unique cast-not-set production method, where deep blue sapphires are cast directly into luminous 18k yellow gold. A stately stunner for sure.

      • sapphire-necklace SAPPHIRE NECKLACE
        by Kaylin Hertel An extraordinary, two-tone sapphire pendant is bezel set on a 14k yellow gold collar with scattered white diamonds providing some bling. This dreamy piece is a great day to night option.

      • 9441_R96G9 _sized SAPPHIRE STINGRAY CLAW
        by Lauren Wolf Typically reserved for diamonds, this special sapphire is set in Lauren Wolf’s signature stingray claw. As if reflecting the blue of the stone, the stingray setting is rendered in 14k green gold. A true treasure from the deep!

      • gold-and-sapphire-chain-stud-earrings GOLD & SAPPHIRE CHAIN STUD EARRINGS
        by Melissa Joy Manning Raw sapphires can be just as gorgeous as the polished kind. We love the edginess of these horizontally-set rough octahedrons, wrapped in gold. A stud/hoop hybrid, the ear chain is fast becoming a favorite style.

      • black-sapphire-eternity-band BLACK SAPPHIRE ETERNITY BAND
        by Polly Wales Blue-black sapphires encircle this noble eternity band. These deep indigo-colored stones alternate with gold granules to give a corona effect. This ring would make an exceedingly elegant wedding band.

      • sapphire-and-diamond-3-stone-ring- 3 STONE RING
        by Melissa Joy Manning Proof that not all sapphires are blue! Melissa Joy Manning’s 3 stone ring is a gorgeous example of a pink sapphire. The organic vibe of this ring is taken a step further, with a gray diamond and a yellow diamond set asymmetrically on either side.

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