Polly Wales

polly wales jewelry available at Esqueleto
Anyone who has had the pleasure to put a Polly Wales ring on their finger will tell you that they have a special, gravitational power. Lost in time, Polly’s pieces seem fit for a Roman Empress or Babylonian Queen as much as a modern day bride.
Polly’s background as a sculptor comes through in each hand-carved, intricately textured piece, showcasing her line’s unique cast-in-place method, where gold is melted around the diamonds and other precious stones to give an enchanting irregularity to each piece (“like geodes split open as stones break through at random points to penetrate the surface of the gold,” says Polly).

polly wales engagement ringpolly wales engagement ringpolly wales engagement ring

Her insanely gorgeous Garbo Ring and Baguette Diamond Rapunzel Ring make for a jaw-dropping wedding set worthy of a royal engagement, and the Storm Cloud Diamond Ring pulls at our heartstrings like crazy. Any lady (or gent!) would be very lucky to open a box with one of these unique wonders inside.
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