Opal Obsessions

I’m always jealous of October babies, because I think they’ve got the best birthstone. I’ve long loved opals for their confetti-like party of colors, their way of shifting and changing with the light, and their overall ethereal beauty.
Dainty, delicate little opal studs by Scosha and WWake are some of my personal favorites for upper lobe piercings. Please join us in the Oakland shop on Saturday, October 14th for a piercing party with master piercer J. Colby Smith – link to book below!
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      • OpalStuds
        Seedling Studs by Scosha These sweet little seedlings by Aussie-native Scosha are the perfect tiny drops to light up your lobes.

      • OpalNecklace

        Mini Eye of Warrior Necklace by Communion by Joy With a brilliant, fiery opal set into a powerful eye symbol, this necklace is a potent every day talisman.

      • GoldOpalStuds

        Gold Opal Studs by Lauren Wolf Jewelry A studied contrast in hard vs. soft, these small studs pair a cabochon cut opal with fierce gold prongs, in a classic octagon setting.

      • OpalNestingRing

        Nested Opal Ring by Wwake Wing Yau, the designer behind WWake, might as well be called the Queen of the Opals. This ring is another fine example of her mastery of the stone.

        • OpalCuff

          Opal Cuff by Melissa Joy Manning I love this one of a kind cuff because it shows off the incredible natural variation that can occur within the opal classification. Just stunning.

  • opal_necklace

    Opal Trio Necklace by Jennie Kwon Opals are at their best when paired with sparkling diamonds in delicate, organic settings like this necklace by Jennie Kwon.

  • OpalStuds

    Opal Comet Studs by Kimberlin Brown Wild, weird and otherworldly, these squiggly studs by Kimberlin Brown show off the alien appeal of opals.

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