The contemporary era is a departure from the past in so many ways. As we move forward into a brave new time, there has been an evolution away from the traditional white diamond engagement ring. While we'll always be captivated by the high sparkle and bright light of a white diamond, there is an exciting shift toward colorful gems for forever-wear.  

Not just any gem fits the bill for an eternal symbol of love that will likely become a future family heirloom. Durability is the thing. You want a hard rock that will stand the test of time. For this reason, we recommend diamonds, sapphires, and rubies,  which are the strongest stones around. In fact, diamonds are still our top pick for wedding sets – there's a good reason it's been the stone of choice for ages. As Liz Taylor once said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend... Diamonds are forever." 

But that doesn't mean you have to stick to white. There is a virtual plethora of diamond colors. We are major fans of the high drama and edginess of black, salt and pepper, and gray diamonds – but yellow, pink, red, and even green are also options. Something to remember is that you can always add white to your wedding band as a nod to tradition or a way to incorporate your own hierloom stones.

Colorful gems are a way to buck the establishment and add some personal style to your set. Are you a goth girl that wears all black everything? Maybe you love the unique sparkle of a salt and pepper diamond, which is like a tiny galaxy. Are you a green queen that loves to be steeped in mama Earth's favorite color? Or perhaps the smoky sparkle of a gray diamond really lights your fire. Always remember, YOU HAVE OPTIONS! Your wedding set is something you'll be wearing for all time, so come on, express yourself!
Shop sets a la mode below!

              • colorful engagementSALT AND PEPPER SOLITAIRE
              • Johnny Ninos
              • BARNACLE RING
              • Johnny Ninos
              • A salty sea-fearing set: Johnny's stormy solitaire is held aloft on his white diamond barnacle nesting band. We love the combo of this deep-colored engagement ring contrasting with a sprinkle of white diamonds.  

    • colorful engagementRUBY PEAK RING
    • Nick Engel
    • Todd Pownell
    • Vamp it up. Nick Engel's ruby solitaire is a lusty companion to Todd Pownell's inverted black diamond concave band. A powerful duo.  

      • colorful engagementZEBRA THREE DIAMOND RING
      • Lauren Wolf
      • Lauren Wolf
      • Embrace your wild side. A fierce striped center diamond is accompanied by champagne diamonds at both sides. A bed of starry white diamonds on white gold shimmers below.  

        • Satomi
        • Lauren Wolf
        • This set is like a new moon in an enchanted forest. Satomi's black diamond solitaire paired with Lauren's green diamond band sets the stage for a midsummer night's dream that will last a lifetime.  

          • colorful engagementTHREE DIAMOND RING
          • Lauren Wolf
          • OPEN SLICE RING
          • WWake
          • A feat of congruency: Lauren's puzzle piece ring is a feast of champagne diamonds! WWake's open slice band fits like a glove.

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