Processed with VSCO with a6 preset This week we are launching a new blog feature, My Jewelry Box, where we chat with some of our favorite (and most stylish!) customers about their personal collections, their relationship to their jewelry, and their thoughts on adornment and the act of collecting. First up is Silver Lake-based Justine Malick, an accomplished yoga + pilates instructor and all-around movement explorer and body adventurer. Through her classes at Wanderlust in Hollywood and Samarasa Center right here in Echo Park, Justine strives to teach respect for the body by creating a safe and playful environment for students to explore mind-body connection as well as develop a keener sense of awareness both on and off the mat. Justine was also a competitive figure skater for over 10 years, giving her a deep knowledge of pilates and yoga as both a supplement to athletic training and therapeutic tool. Justine is attracted to jewelry that won’t get in the way of her movement – small, mismatched studs by WWake, delicate woven Scosha bracelets, and stackable rings from Satomi Kawakita and Communion by Joy.
Alexis: Tell me a little bit about how you choose your jewelry, the things your wear every day.
Justine: The things that I choose to bring into my life have to have meaning for me. I am very much a quality over quantity kind of person. I’m also very clear on my own style and the things that I like – I’ve been that way since I was a child, just very decisive. Maybe it’s an Aries thing, or maybe it comes from being a competitive athlete; at age six I was like “I want to be an ice skater,” and so I did that. Actually, I don’t really have a jewelry box, just some ceramic dishes and an ESQUELETO pouch in my drawer. I never take off most of my jewelry! Justine2
A: How would you describe your personal jewelry style?
J: Things that look feminine, that’s a big deal for me. Also I never take my jewelry off, so that’s important. I’ve had trouble finding bracelets that are delicate that won’t break [with wearing them all the time], which is why I love the Scosha woven bracelets – they never break. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset J [regarding the act of adornment]: I think we are the curators of our lives. We get to choose what we put on, and it’s good to like the things that we surround ourselves with. Growing up, my family always placed an emphasis on art appreciation – my mom studied film and animation, so she’s always had a real respect for good design and passed that on to me. There is a superficial element to adornment, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have meaning. I think it feels so good to know where your things are coming from. I do the same thing with the food that goes into my body – I like going to the farmer’s market and getting to know the people who grow my food. I approach the things I put on my body, and into my home, with the same care. *Photography by Martha Kirby
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