We’ve just unveiled our latest curated collection, and this month it’s dedicated to all things MOM! Mothers are literally the best. They pick us up when we fall down, nourish our bodies and souls, and provide that unconditional love that only a mother can. Which is why we honor them every day, but just a little more specially on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day falls on May 12th this year; below are some of our suggestions for the perfect gift for Mom.

      • acorn-drop-earrings ACORN DROP EARRINGS
      • Vintage
      • They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree! Remind Mom that you get all of your best qualities from her with these antique sterling silver acorn earrings.

      • purple-desert-scarf PURPLE DESERT SCARF
      • Garza Marfa
      • A beautiful palette of warm desert-inspired hues to stave off any chill. Can be worn as a scarf, but also works well as a superhero-style cape for all the SuperMoms out there.

      • gold-link-bracelet GOLD LINK BRACELET
      • Vintage
      • This simple but strong vintage link bracelet is the sort of casually elegant item that she will never want to take off.

      • mixed-media-necklace-4 MIXED MEDIA NECKLACE
      • Creative Growth
      • Just like the macaroni necklace you made her in the 2nd grade, except much more sophisticated and beautiful. This conceptual “necklace” sculpture was created by the incredible artists of Oakland’s inspiring non-profit organization Creative Growth, and the proceeds of its sale benefit the programs there.

      • mini-eye-of-warrior-necklace MINI EYE OF THE WARRIOR NECKLACE
      • Communion By Joy
      • Because she’s always been a warrior for her children, give mom this delicate 14k gold and opal Eye Of The Warrior talisman to wear around her neck every day.

      • diamond-friendship-bracelet DIAMOND FRIENDSHIP BRACELET
      • Scosha
      • An upgrade from the summer camp creation you made for her way back when, Scosha’s version of the woven friendship bracelet features a bezel set diamond for just a pop of sparkle.

      • gold-kite-studs GOLD KITE STUDS
      • Adeline
      • These 14k gold studs from Adeline Jewelry are the perfect gift for new moms. Their low profile, laying flat against the earlobe, means that they can’t be pulled out by tiny grabbing infant hands!

      • zig-zag-stoneware-jar ZIG-ZAG STONEWARE JAR
      • Len Carella
      • A lovely ceramic jar to store all her keepsakes, like the aforementioned macaroni necklace and summer camp friendship bracelet which she’ll always treasure, even long after her children have grown.

      • safety-pin-hoops SILVER SAFETY PIN HOOPS
      • TenThousandThings
      • Because she’s always prepared for every situation with a safety pin (or band-aid, or snack, or favorite toy) on hand. These classic sterling silver earrings by TenThousandThings are an elegant homage.

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