Material Girl + The Bohème


Hi! We’re Madeline and Julia, the newest additions to the Los Angeles ESQUELETO team. We have a lot in common: we both have adorable Chihuahuas that we are obsessed with, we love the cinema, and love exploring the myriad culinary offerings of East L.A. But we are also different in a lot of ways, which is why we enjoy working with each other. After all, opposites attract! Maddie is really into 90s fashion, with a minimal and clean-lined aesthetic, while Jules has a very bohemian “more is more” attitude. Here are some of our first staff picks for the month of March, and why we selected them over all the many beautiful things in the shop.


      • SunStuds
        Invisible Moon Face Studs by Anthony Lent I love these squishy little faces! From a distance these look like minimal gold discs, but when you look closely they reveal incredible detail.

      • BrilliantRing

        Round Brown Diamond Ring by Satomi Kawakita My favorite ring in the shop! It’s a classic solitaire design, but the materials - the cool platinum contrasted with a warm brown diamond - elevate this into something really special.

      • ShoulderVase

        Medium Shoulder Vase by John Sheppard I’ve been taking ceramics classes lately, and looking closely at other artists for inspiration. I love his oblong shapes and unusual forms.


      • WallHanging
        Prince Wall Hanging by Ghost Dancer I love Ghost Dancer’s wall hangings because you can tell how much time and care is put into creating her pieces. The juxtaposition of materials make each weaving feel modern but still of the past.

      • TigerCuff

        Tiger Cuff Vintage This piece is bananas. It’s over a hundred years old and flawless. I’m a sucker for enamel and this is hands down one of the most ferocious enamel jobs I’ve ever seen. The diamonds in the eyes and the mouth are such beautiful quality - they make the bracelet even more badass.

      • NecklaceWarrior

        Spirit Warrior Necklace Communion by Joy This necklace is small but mighty. I tend to gravitate towards trillions and have a soft spot for white sapphires, they have a particular sparkle to them.

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