Justine & Nico

How did your engagement ring become yours?
[Nico and I] agreed that I would do the proposing, which suited my feminism just fine. We talked about rings, and I told him I would head over to this shop I was following on IG called Esqueleto and pick out what I liked. Then, this past Christmas eve, in my hometown of Santa Fe, he surprised me with a proposal, spelled out in farolitos (the little brown bags with a candle inside that decorate the New Mexico houses at Christmastime), Will You Marry Me JMH? I of course said YES! He gave me a lovely diamond ring... which... was not my favorite. So! I would get to go to Esqueleto after all!
What was your experience with ESQUELETO?
I worked with Sha-Ron who turned me on to the Polly Wales Crystal Ring, which was EVERYTHING I had in my head but could not describe until I had it on my finger. Yellow gold (I like to mix), a band with stones (and white sapphires, a nice nod to the blue sapphires on my right hand ring), and the stunning casting of the metal which fills in around the stones and every ring is actually unique! Danica was a hero shepherding us through the ordering process.
What are your wedding plans?
Our theme for a wedding is at this point, "Food Truck and a Backyard, Please Come and Celebrate with Us." The only thing we decided is it will be in Santa Fe.
What excited you about being married?
Marriage feels like the place to practice kindness and compassion, because it should be safe to screw up without getting fired or rejected, given the chance to do better, and then doing better. Plus, the make outs are fun. I love him very VERY much, and look forward to our married years together, and maybe adding some milestone bands to the ring finger ;-)
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