Jaw Dropping Holiday Gifts

Gifts like these can be as exciting to give as they are to receive. The fine materials, unique designs and craftsmanship make each of these items special and valuable. We hope you'll find a the perfect gift in this tastefully curated list below:
      • DiamondAndRubyFan
        Diamond and Ruby Fan Ring Vintage With a cascading display of rubies and diamonds set in 14k gold, this timeless piece is an unparalleled 1890's Victorian treasure.

      • TotemDiamondRing

        Six Point Totem Ring by Rebecca Overmann Perhaps this is the year that you ask a question that defines the rest of your life -- and what better way to ask than with this one of a kind engagement ring by Rebecca Overmann comprised of 5 brilliant pear and round diamonds.

      • VintageFlowerRing

        Edwardian Flower Ring Vintage The bloom of glittering diamonds surrounding this 1.25ct mine cut diamond make this blossoming ring a feminine delight worthy of a queen.

        • IndiraRing

          Ombré Indira Diamond Band by Scosha A gradient of 5 rose cut gray diamonds are contoured into the perfect nesting ring and will add dimension and individuality to any stack.

          • PearlEarrings

            Pearl Drop Earrings by Kimberlin Brown These oversize Japanese Biwi teardrop pearl drop earrings are topped with coral inspired 14k gold dappled with smattering of lustrous diamonds. They wouldn't compliment an outfit, they would be an outfit.

          • TopazVintageRing

            Topaz Diamond Halo Ring Vintage An old European cut orange topaz surrounded by a white diamond halo is a once in a lifetime gift fit for an angel, but be warned: this precious sparkler will provoke a conversation whenever she wears it!

        • ArtDecoRing

          Deco Diamond Ring Vintage Hailing from the 1920's, this architectural deco dream is studded with drool-worth diamonds and is an heirloom worth passing down for generations to come.

            • ThreeDiamondRing

              Three Diamond Ring by Lauren Wolf Jewelry There is a hidden secret within the massive 4.4 carats of salt and pepper perfection; when the light hits the rose cut diamond a delicate rainbow emerges. There is nothing more romantic than giving your lover a secret rainbow to adorn their finger forever!

            • ToddPownellEarrings-1
              Diamond Cluster Studs by Todd Pownell Spoil someone you love with these glittering gray diamond studs that are set in a mix of 14k, 18k yellow gold and platinum. She won't want to take these earrings off, and since they're everyday-wearable, she'll never have to!

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