In the Gallery

HEATHER LEVINE at ESQUELETO New York native Heather Levine's ceramic hangings are donning the walls of the the LA Gallery right now. Levine now lives and works out of Los Angeles, where she creates her stunning, hand-crafted ceramic wall hangings, lamps, and objects. Heather is influenced by Scandinavian design, the California landscape and textile design of the 1960s.. Works on view at ESQUELETO LA until Mach 30th, 2016

Peggy Crovetto at ESQUELETO

New work from Oakland artist Peggy Crovotto currently hangs in the ESQUELETO Oakland Gallery at 482 A 49TH St. Describing the work in this exhibit, Peggy said, "It started as an anxious mark on a page and that mark grew and changed, some material experimentation occurred, so the incorporation of gold pained seemed natural (read: obsession, but historically accurate,) as organic changes to form manifested themselves from the dream like state of my unconscious or something. They remind me of etherial shapes, or of the ocean, or of the mountains I saw driving through Wyoming with my mother-in-law and a backseat full of dogs." Works on view at ESQUELETO Oakland until Mach 30th, 2016
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