Humanizing COVID-19

Humanizing COVID-19

At Esqueleto, we are very concerned with the current status and escalation of the COVID-19. Because this is an unprecedented situation with new changes and recommendations evolving quickly, we must all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. During these times, when most of us may be feeling helpless, we can use this opportunity to take a moment to take a deep breath and respond in the moment. And we can all take effective measures to help and protect our families and friends, the most vulnerable members of society and beyond.

You've probably heard of “flatten the curve” in terms of responding to this pandemic. This basically means that currently this virus cannot be eliminated but we can reduce its impact on an individual, small-scale daily basis.

But what about the big picture? How can we help the most vulnerable, less fortunate members of society? This is the time when the best of humanity shines through, and we, as resilient human beings, can come together for the greater good and volunteer to help people who are unable to help themselves right now. If you're in a position to volunteer your assistance, consider checking in on elderly family and/or community members. Your mom and dad, grandparents and other older family members may need help buying groceries, supplies, medication, and so on. Also, they may feel socially isolated so words of encouragement are always helpful. Technology is so crucial and beneficial during these times and there's no better way to bridge the gap than with FaceTime or an easy phone call.

Another way to reach out and help is to volunteer to buy supplies, groceries, and medication for people you don't know: You can print out a postcard that can be dropped into neighbors’ mailboxes with offers to pick up groceries, post mail or even just join them for a friendly phone call. You can also use these postcards for people outside your own zip code as well to expand the support.

One of the most important issues during this crisis is containing the spread of the virus in homeless communities. The homeless are one of the most vulnerable groups to COVID-19 as most times they cannot shelter themselves or keep a safe distance from others. By donating to homeless advocate groups or shelters, resources go into buying hand sanitizer and wipes, food, blankets and clothing, as well as to opening new shelters dedicated to protecting the most forgotten members of our society.

COVID-19 will take its toll on our economy on both a local and global level. For small businesses such as ours, we feel the deep uncertainty of the future. Consider creative ways to help small businesses navigate through this challenging time. As a strong community we innovate, and there are many ways to help your small business friends. You can buy gift cards for later, shop online, call in orders, pay with credit cards when possible, order takeout or delivery, share hand sanitizing products with local businesses, and check in with business owners and staff, even if it's just to say hi.

Most importantly, please consider the small guys before the big ones.

At Esqueleto, we will be available by phone, text, email and private appointment. And our online inventory will be updated to our website regularly.

We encourage everyone to take a proactive role in taking care of themselves and others during this challenging time. With a shared common interest and responsibility, we can overcome and get through this crisis together! Let's spread the kindness.

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