How to Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

6.25.18_blog_banner It’s easier now than ever to connect with hundreds of independent designers and artisans to find an engagement ring that is uniquely YOU. Gone are the days of simply heading to the mall and picking from a few standard settings. However, with more choice comes more….confusion. With so many options, how can you ever choose just one ring?! Here are my top tips for cutting though the noise and finding your oh-so-special engagement ring.
      • radiance-ring RADIANCE RING
        1. Don’t hesitate to be trendy. Today’s trends are tomorrow’s classic heirlooms! Each era has its fads, but those trends are what come to define a time period’s sense of style. No era was more fad-obsessed than the Victorians, and now their belt rings, gypsy settings and mourning jewelry are sought-after classics. You might think your mother’s 1980s engagement ring looks dated now but give it a few years and it will be desirably retro! Embrace your era and enjoy being on-trend.

      • three-diamond-ring- THREE DIAMOND RING
        2. Go dark. Big, bold and badass. If that’s you, then your engagement ring should reflect that. Black and deep gray diamonds, as well as more niche varieties like smoky gray or salt-n-pepper stones, have been gaining in popularity as an alternative to super-sparkly brilliant cut white diamonds. These dark, imperfect stones are a great choice for those concerned with ethical sourcing as well, giving value to something that would have been traditionally cast off as waste. As an added bonus, the dark stones are usually more budget-friendly, meaning you can get a higher carat (read: bigger rock) for a lower price.

      • champagne-diamond-solitaire CHAMPAGNE DIAMOND SOLITAIRE
        3. Minimal need not be boring. Minimal babes can still choose a unique design. Look for designs that are simple, not simplistic. What I love about this particular Lauren Wolf Jewelry ring is that it checks all the minimalist boxes but manages to be unusually striking. Yes, it has a thin, plain band and a single stone in a simple prong setting. But the diamond shape and deep champagne color give this ring a really beautiful twist.

      • stormy-rose-cut-diamond STORMY ROSE CUT DIAMOND
        4. Be as weird as you wanna be. This is YOUR ring! An engagement ring is a deeply personal choice - you are not wearing this to please anybody else. It should be a faithful reflection of your personality. If you are attracted to the artistic and avant-garde, then your ring should reflect that. If you’re enamored with the beauty of nature, then your ring should take natural design cues. Never fear that you will “get tired” of a unique design. If a ring really suits you and your style, then it will become a part of you that you will always love seeing on your finger.

      • georgian-double-halo-ring GEORGIAN DOUBLE HALO RING
        5. Vintage makes sense for so many reasons. We see such a variety of customers who are attracted to vintage designs. For some, there is no more romantic, bohemian style than the epic filigrees of eras past. Traditional chicks will love that an antique style is the ultimate in classic design. Eco-conscious shoppers can rest easy knowing their ring has not contributed to any new mining. For me, and other history buffs, a vintage ring is simply fascinating – the idea that a single ring has withstood the test of time, travelling from finger to finger across many generations.

      • crystal-ring-with-white-sapphires CRYSTAL RING WITH WHITE SAPPHIRES
        6. Consider your lifestyle first. Just because you think that crazy-sparkly 2ct stunner is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, doesn’t mean it’s the right ring for you. If you are someone who works with their hands, often needs to put gloves on (hello, healthcare and haircare professionals), has small children, or just plain treats their jewelry a lil’ rough, then a high-profile prong-set solitaire style ring will not fit comfortably into your lifestyle. Think outside the box: this beautiful sapphire-studded band from Polly Wales, or a low-profile rose cut diamond ring with sturdy bezel setting, will be an easy-wearing design that you’ll never need to take off. Vintage rings also require more care and attention, as do softer stones like opals, emeralds, or semi-precious stones like quartz and morganite. Diamonds and sapphires are the strongest, able to withstand whatever you rough-and-tumble babes can throw at them.
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