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NewVintage There is nothing quite like slipping on a vintage treasure; instantly you find yourself turning the piece over and over again in your mind, wondering about it's past life, the people that have worn it, the countless stories it holds. We are constantly adding new vintage pieces to our inventory at ESQUELETO and below we're showcasing a few of our newest pieces. Just remember - if something catches your eye act quickly as each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure that can't be restocked!
      • AlbertChain

        Victorian Albert Necklace This Victorian 9k gold necklace features a hand and key pendant, because you own the key to your own damn heart! Bonus points: this piece features an Albert chain with a bar at one end so you could technically attach it to a buttonhole and wear it a lá Sherlock Holmes (but femme).

      • PlatinumRing

        7 Diamond Platinum Ring Hailing from the 1920's, it's probable that this classically stunning white Peruzzi diamond ring has been an engagement ring a few times over in it's past lives.

      • Monacle

        Victorian Monocle This monocle is a beautiful curiosity that can be strung on a chain and worn around your neck or placed on a vanity as a dainty treasure to behold.

      • YellowGold

        Vintage Engraved Band While you could wear this 22k vintage engraved band with notched detail as it's own delicate piece, it could also be worn as a wedding band or stacking piece.

  • FlowerRing

    White Gold Flower Ring This floral 18k white gold ring is from the 1930's. The center diamond of the flower measures 5mm, embellished with a halo of 10 round cut diamond petals.

  • Tourmaline

    Tourmaline and White Diamond Ring With a pool of tourmaline surrounded by 12 white diamonds, this stunner is a total jaw-dropper and staff favorite. It's the kind of piece you just MUST slip on your finger the moment you lay eyes on it.

  • HeartLocket

    Heart Lock Bracelet This vintage Victorian 18k yellow gold bracelet features a heart-shaped lock on a curb chain. The heart ads softness to balance an otherwise masculine piece.

  • CarnelianSignet

    Carnelian Signet Ring From 1876, this 15k yellow gold signet ring has a piece of carnelian, a stone that signifies motivation and endurance, leadership and courage. This sentiment is perfectly reflected in it's shield-like shape.

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