Engagement for Every Budget


        • hexagonbrowndiamondring
          $990 - HEXAGON BROWN DIAMOND RING Our most popular engagement ring! Satomi’s signature brown diamond hexagon style, in an accessible carat weight and price point. The distinctive black rhodium detailing gives this tiny ring a mighty impact.


      • split love ring

        $1,980 - SPLIT LOVE DIAMOND RING This ring is one of the most unique, original designs in the shop. Modern, architectural, and just a bit dangerous, this ring will definitely stand out from the crowd.

      • quintet ring

        $2,800 - QUINTET RING A sleek and ultra-wearable ring for the bride who doesn’t want a big solitaire. Five hexagon-cut gray diamonds set in a wide polished band exude understated elegance.


      • starry night ring

        $3,960 - Starry Sky Solitaire A super-romantic choice for the whimsical dreamers. In addition to the .33ct shining white diamond solitaire, a constellation of little diamond stars are scattered around the 18k gold band.


      • three diamond ring

        $5,000 - Three Diamond Ring Inspired by an ultra-traditional antique ring, Lauren has reimagined the symbolic three-stone design for the modern bride, with edgy prongs, an octagon setting, and unique naturally colored diamonds.


      • engagementring

        $5,700 - Diamond Shield Ring A true Art Deco masterpiece rendered in platinum and diamonds. This classic ring has stood the test of time and will continue to dazzle for many generations to come.


      • deco

        $7,000 - Gray Diamond Deco Ring This one of kind ring from Rebecca Overmann is totally incredible with its deco-inspired stepped diamond sides. Matte finish 14k gold and an inverted 1.13ct gray diamond center add to this ring’s utterly unique character.


      • stormcloudring
        $7,600 - STORM CLOUD DIAMOND RING Polly’s unusual cast-in-place method makes each of her rings feel like long-lost sunken treasure. This double diamond ring, in the stormiest of deep dark grays, is like two ships passing in the night.

      • Three Diamond Ring

        $9,000 - Three Diamond Ring The latest design from Lauren Wolf, this exquisite three-diamond ring is a study in the classically feminine pear cut. It features a 4.06ct pear-shaped gray diamond flanked by delicate .76ct yellow diamonds.

      • Garbo Ring

        $10,000 - Three Garbo Ring This romantic ring, with its vintage miner’s cut diamonds set into a delicately textured open fretwork band, creates a stunning profile. Named after screen siren Greta Garbo, this ultra-feminine ring lives up to the remarkable beauty of its namesake.


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