Edwardian Jewelry at EsqueletoWe are enamored with the darkly romantic feel of Edwardian jewelry, which draws from both classical and period-current design inspirations. We’re quick to snatch up these pieces whenever we find them. Apart from their intrinsic beauty, they offer a fascinating look into a short but very rich place in time. The Edwardian era refers to the brief period in Europe between 1900 and 1910 when Edward VII sat on the British throne. And although it was a brief stint in history, it was an important period for arts and culture that gave birth to such iconic movements as Art Nouveau, Fauvism, and early Cubism. Europe was still precariously rooted in the structures of the past, but ripe for change on several fronts, and this comes across not only in the art and literature of the time, but also in fashion and popular design. Edwardian Ring at Esqueleto
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