Winter is almost over: the cherry blossoms are budding, tulips and daffodils are pushing their way up through the soil, and extra hours of sunlight are plentiful. As the flowers begin to bloom so does our fascination with all things floral. Here at ESQUELETO we carry a bounty of designs that take their inspiration from botanical beauty.

Our first specimen is the Georgian Flower Ring. The Georgian Era covers the reigns of the four British kings George, from 1714 to 1837. Romanticism was on the rise during this time and the sentiment was reflected in the jewelry of the day. Georgian settings often bear engraved motifs of flowers, leaves, stalks of wheat, butterflies, acorns, and doves. Georgian flower rings feature a stone setting pattern that mimics a flower: a large center stone that is encircled by smaller stones, like the petals of a blossom.

Innovations in gem cutting occurred in this era, and the old mine cut and old European cuts were born as a result. This is when jewelers began to use stone cutting  techniques to encourage light to enter precious stones, producing the fiery sparkles we’ve come to expect from diamonds today. Georgians were also fans of the mixed metal look, often combining silver settings with gold bands. Rose cut and table cut Georgian stones usually include foil backing, which creates a reflective surface behind the gem, producing more shimmer.

The floral fever continued with the Victorians, who enjoyed a “language of flowers” wherein a flower’s genus and color communicated very specific signifiers. To this day, these connotations reverberate. We still think of the red rose as an expression of passionate love and of the daisy as a marker of innocence. A vine represents the twining of two souls, and a laurel wreath declares victory.

Many contemporary artists are still influenced by horticultural beauty; the temptation to fix the ephemeral splendor of a flower in a lasting form has beguiled many a designer. Nature is a timeless muse symbolizing love, growth, romance, affection, fertility, peace, and hope.

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