Our latest curated collection launches today, and it covers everything you need for the big day – engagement rings, wedding bands, stunning bridal jewelry and thoughtful bridesmaid gifts. Obviously here at ESQUELETO we are obsessed with jewels (and so might be a bit biased), but we believe that the jewelry is one of the most important parts of your wedding day! In the end it may not matter whether you chose the chocolate or the vanilla 3-tiered cake, but your wedding band is something you’ll look at and enjoy every single day after.

As most fine jewelry is made to order, we always recommend choosing all of your wedding essentials at least six weeks before your wedding date for the best selection and for a stress-free experience. And remember, bespoke pieces can take extra time! Find some of our favorite highlights below. 
      • white-freshwater-pearl-studs WHITE FRESHWATER PEARLS
      • Lauren Wolf
      • Pearl studs, the ultimate classic wedding day accessory. Too basic? Never! Lauren Wolf adds an unexpected twist to this sometimes-stuffy style, with the addition of an edgy stingray-textured gold claw setting.

      • damascus-ring DAMASCUS RING
      • Shawn Roberts
      • One of our most popular men’s band designers, Shawn Roberts has perfected the ancient art of Damascus steel, setting this unusual material with a topographic texture into sleek silver, gold or platinum lined bands. These rings can be ordered to your exacting specifications – just ask us!

      • pearl-textile-drop-earrings- PEARL TEXTILE DROP EARRINGS
      • Amali
      • Soft, feminine, pearlescent - these delicately woven 18k gold and pearl earrings by Amali are sure to become future family heirlooms.

      • absolute-diamond-band ABSOLUTE DIAMOND BAND
      • Satomi Kawakita
      • An ESQUELETO classic, this channel set diamond ring by Satomi Kawakita has been a staff favorite since the day we opened. The eternity-style design symbolizes everlasting love, and the addition of black rhodium on the setting really makes those diamonds pop!

      • 8-diamond-platinum-band 8 DIAMOND BAND
      • Vintage
      • Another wedding band option that is a literal classic is an antique ring. We love the contrast of timeless vintage with the ultra-modern, so pair this Art Deco channel-set platinum ring with an edgy black diamond engagement ring.

      • emerald-cut-diamond-ring EMERALD CUT DIAMOND RING
      • Rebecca Overmann
      • To say that Rebecca Overmann has a way with diamonds is an understatement. Rebecca’s one of a kind engagement rings highlight the natural beauty of the stones with soft, matte-finish 14k gold and organically carved settings.

      • rustic-band RUSTIC BAND
      • Tap By Todd Pownell
      • Todd Pownell is the undisputed master of texture, and this rustic men’s band really lets that incredible textured surface shine on an ultra-wide canvas.

      • etruscan-tassel-earrings ETRUSCAN TASSEL EARRINGS
      • Vintage
      • High drama! Dazzle on your wedding day with these vintage statement stunners. These fringy tassels are just dying to let loose on the dance floor!

      • rose-gold-razor-necklace ROSE GOLD RAZOR NECKLACE
      • T. Kahres
      • A sweet and thoughtful bridesmaid gift. We like to think of these go-with-anything razors as the new version of the friendship necklace – outfit your whole squad as a subtle nod to forever friendship.

      • gold-diamond-nesting-band- WHITE DIAMOND NESTING BAND
      • Lauren Wolf
      • Nesting bands have been an immensely popular trend in wedding jewelry for a few years now. A curved band can really show off a statement solitaire and is often the perfect accent for a hard-to-pair antique ring. We’re always here to help choose the perfect wedding band for you – just send us an email or pop into one of our three retail locations for expert advice!

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